Raw Honeycomb Honey

Honeycomb honey straight from the hive, contains all the vitamins and minerals of honey for a healthy treat.

Honeycomb Honey

$22.95 CAD

Straight from the hive, NutraBee Raw Honeycomb Honey contains all the vitamins

Raw Honeycomb Honey NutraBee

and minerals found in honey.

No additives or preservatives in this honey comb. Produced by Canadian bees from nectar gathered in pesticide-free Canadian fields and forests.

Take a spoon, dig in and enjoy this 100% pure, unprocessed Canadian honey.


How to Use

Delicisous for any cheese board.

Take a spoon and chew to release all the honey from the cells. 

Honey Health Tip

Full of nutritious honey. Beeswax is 100% edible.

Honeycomb Honey Product Information

NutraBee Honeycomb Honey comes in no less than 200g per comb.

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