Royal Jelly Honey Gift Set

$29.95 CAD

This set include 1 bottle of Royal Jelly Honey with organic, fresh Royal Jelly and organic honey in a decorative gold box all wrapped up. 

A creamy white honeybee secretion, royal jelly is fed exclusively to queen larva and adult queen bees throughout their life cycle. Nutrient-rich, royal jelly contains B-complex and C vitamins, and a broad spectrum of amino acids, trace minerals, proteins, sugars, essential fatty acids and enzymes. Royal Jelly is known as being a superfood. 

Royal jelly is traditionally used in anti-aging and memory supplements. Topical uses include skin care cream for wound healing, and in body care products such as honey soaps, facial honey masks and body creams. Also used as a natural, healthy sweetener in food and beverages. 

Fresh royal jelly is difficult to find, as without refrigeration and careful processing, the nutrient value of royal jelly degrades within 48 hours after harvest. Only pure, fresh royal jelly is used in NutraBee’s Royal Jelly Honey. Our fresh royal jelly is combined with NutraBee’s organic, unprocessed Canadian honey for truly unique gourmet honey super food.

Contains No Artificial Additives, Sweeteners, Colors or Flavors.